Hollywood Forever (2014)

A video provocation which formed the basis/curatorial frame for the show, Hollywood Forever, that I instigated.


Unmastered 72
A Response to Katherine Angel’s book, ‘Unmastered’ 

A video experiment–a personal response to a book, part review, part meditation / reflection whilst looking at water.




We Cross Sometimes (2009) 

A video work made whilst living at Deep End Ranch, Santa Paula.  Made for the Site Works class and shown on the ranch.  I worked with psychics to find out the hidden stories, a way of working I wish to return to in the future.


Art Encounters (2008) 

An audio piece.  I recount some formative art encounters, in order to think about what remains of the encounter.  The afterwards reflections; did these experiences form the artist I am now?  I presented this as part of the Mid-Residency group show at CalArts.

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