I Saved You From Obscurity, Others Are Not So Lucky










I saved you from obscurity, others are not so lucky

A found negative is a mystery–has the photograph ever been printed?  If so, how big was the photograph, how did it look, were they dearly loved images carried around, prints forgotten at the back of a drawer or large framed photographs?

This piece of work explores the mystery by presenting photographs from negatives found in a flea market in Paris, in a box fit for jewellery, but with a portion of the centre of the image carefully removed with a scalpel.  The benevolent gesture of saving these images is conditional.

The hole has other meanings too.  By taking out a crucial part of the centre of the photographs, even less is known.  The story is unfinished.  The hole gives the viewer licence to complete the picture themselves.  The photograph is whatever you want it to be.

This piece of work is a multiple and I have produced 100 numbered boxes with one of the six photographs in each.

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