Ascending A Staircase, 2018-ongoing

An ongoing series of theatre interior photographs that show details of access to the stage. The theatres are all in the North of England.

Theatre Flats, 2014

Freestanding photographs on MDF

Sharon's Choice 72

The Mucky Bits

My contribution to Sharon Kivland’s Library Interventions at Leeds College of Art.  I rifled through books searching only the racy and erotic pictures and photographing them–always with Sharon’s titillation in mind.

Mlle de Bremont

Wish You Were Here, Real Photographs (2008)

A series of nine photographs, in which I re-create found cigarette cards featuring showgirls, from 1939, using myself.


I Saved You From Obscurity, Others Are Not So Lucky (2007)

A multiple (edition of 100), composed of red-satin lined boxes with fibre-based prints from negatives found in a Parisian flea market. A central portion of each photograph has been removed with a scalpel.

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