Ascending A Staircase, 2018


Theatre Flats, 2014

Freestanding photographs on MDF


Sharon's Choice 72

The Mucky Bits

My contribution to Sharon Kivland’s Library Interventions at Leeds College of Art.  I rifled through books searching only the racy and erotic pictures and photographing them–always with Sharon’s titillation in mind.


Mlle de Bremont

Wish You Were Here, Real Photographs (2008)

A series of nine photographs, in which I re-create found cigarette cards featuring showgirls, from 1939, using myself.



I Saved You From Obscurity, Others Are Not So Lucky (2007)

A multiple (edition of 100), composed of red-satin lined boxes with fibre-based prints from negatives found in a Parisian flea-market. A central portion of each photograph has been removed with a scalpel.

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