Me Against the Music




Me Against The Music (2006) Performance at ‘Just For Fun’, an evening of karaoke and performance organised by Robin Close and Webster Gotts.

Allie Carr loves dancing.  She dances about everyday.  If she couldn’t dance she would be depressed.  Allie Carr will dance in public tonight as if she was dancing around her house or at nightclubs.  She is going to attempt to dance to a mix tape of unknown tunes put together for her by Alexis Gotts.  She might not be able to do it.  She might freeze.  The music might not excite her.  She may be rendered static.  (I doubt it.) Her friend and long time collaborator Matt Lewis will be on hand to adjudicate.  Using his wholly untrained eye, he will officiate whether the music has beaten Allie or if Allie has beaten the music.


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