Sep 282012

I have completed the second chapter of my PhD thesis. For it, I visited 18 showgirl spectacles, cabarets and gentlemen’s clubs and considered how these shows made me feel. I’m really keen to think of this chapter as in dialogue with performers rather than about them, at a distance, and so I would love to circulate my chapter to showgirls of all stripes and other performers in order to include their footnoted responses to my text. Email me if you would like to have a read. I visited shows including Jubilee and Vegas! The Show in Las Vegas, The Moulin Rouge and Lido in Paris, Yma in Berlin, burlesque shows in London like La Reve and Bete Noir and also Spearmint Rhino. Do let me know if you’d like to take a read and I’ll email it to you. In particular, I have not been able to send to a stripper/showgirl. Thanks!

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